A journey with purpose

can change the world...

follow a belief from the heart

because anything is possible.

~Leah Brewer

State Farm Ambassador Dog

P.A.W.S. for safety™

Dog Safety Education School Program

(TM) Programs inspired by Elle created by Leah Brewer

"Pit bulls have a reputation for being aggressive, but it's not unusual to find Elle, a 5-year-old pit bull, cuddling up to elementary school children for story time. 

In fact, she does it regularly. Elle is a therapy dog at an elementary and a middle school in North Carolina. With help from her owner, Leah Brewer, 42, Elle started a reading program called “Tail Wagging Tales” to help students practice reading and strengthen confidence." TODAY.com

HIGH 5 for friendship™

Dog Ownership Responsibility Community Project

Tail wagging tales™ 

 Therapy Dog Reading Buddy Program


“When I was 4 years old, and they came to the library talking about their program, I was terrified of dogs then,” said student Dylan Blount.

“I would watch TV and dogs would always be biting people and my cousin had a dog and every time I moved, it would chase me.”

Blount is now in sixth grade and said reading to Elle helped him overcome his fear of dogs and learn not to judge people, or animals, by the way they look. WRAL.com

                          Therapy Dog Elle

  is an Official T.W.T. Reading Buddy

 helping children learn to enjoy a story with a

wagging tail, friendly paw and reassuring ear.

Order Elle's

has fair policies for all dog families. Huffington Post

Leah Brewer and Elle pioneered programs, healed hearts & created change 

American Humane Therapy hero Dog 

Ambassador Dog Elle

​​is an Official P.A.W.S. Assist K9

teaching friends of all ages the

ways to properly interact and show respect 

that benefit both human and canine.

"Elle earned the award for her work as a therapy dog in Roanoke Rapids, N.C., where she helps children learn dog safety and helps people overcome their fear of dogs. She participates in a therapy dog reading program called "Tail Wagging Tales" which was started by her owner, Leah Brewer." ​Huffington Post​

​"We all think of our pups as top dog, but one sweet, brown pit bull just won that title for real. Elle, a therapy dog from North Carolina, has been named the 2013 American Hero Dog by the American Humane Association." Parade

"Elle's a multi-award winning therapy dog who participates in a reading program for kids and is a safety educator in her community. Take that Lassie!" Buzzfeed

Hero Dog Elle

Hopes to help end BSL

 by pawing the way for each

 and every family dog to live 

a happy, healthy, safe life.